Jacksonville Outdoor Tub- Hearthstone Paradise

What to expect with our outdoor tub

When booking our outdoor tub you may be curious about how to prepare. Here are some pointers and other important info!

Bring a towel.

Your client is going to be soaking wet when you finish and the water is cold.

Check your email.

We send you information such as the address in the emails you receive after booking.

We prep the tub for you.

Let us know if you’re using something powdered so we don’t fill the tub right away! You’ll need the pressure from the hose to be able to break up the powder. In total it takes about 20 minutes to fill the tub with water!

What we provide.

We have a changing tent, rubber ducks for kids sessions, a few fake flowers, water in the tub, lavender essential oil and a large industrial fan to repel mosquitoes.

What can I put in the tub?

You are welcome to put in bath bombs, powdered milk/coffee creamer and milk! Anything else please ask ahead of time! Flowers real or fake are always acceptable! Floating candles are acceptable ONLY in the water. We recommend the bigger floating candles as the little ones sink and then float.

Click here for how to prep for a maternity milk bath.

Babies don’t like cold water.

If you’re shooting a baby please give us notice so we can warm up some water inside to bring out.


We do have an extension cord so if you need electricity for lighting we can provide that!

Want to shoot the tub but don’t know what style to do?

We have two solutions for this! One, we offer styled shoots using our tub that you can find here. Two, we have a board full of inspiration from our tub as well as other peoples photos!

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